Pastoral Care

The liturgical language for pastoral care is included in our post-communion prayer:

“Send us now into the world in peace,
And grant us strength and courage,
to love and serve you
with gladness and singleness of heart.”

Pastoral care is one of the primary ministries of all baptized people. Each member of the body of Christ is called in their baptismal to express the love and care of God, one to another. We repeat this call when we read the Baptismal Covenant along with those who present themselves or others for the rite holy baptism.

Our connection in the body of Christ calls us to support one another in times of celebration and crisis. Lay Pastoral Care is a ministry to ensure that everyone in our church family is cared for along life’s journey. Lay Eucharistic ministers (LEMs) provide the holy sacrament to those who are regularly unable to worship with us on Saturdays or Sundays. Members of the pastoral care committee visit church members when they are in the hospital and in their homes and prepare meals and provide transportation for those members who are in need. The pastoral care committee also hosts funeral receptions in the Parish Hall or in the home of a bereaved family member if so desired.

Members of the pastoral care committee extend the blessings your church community through visits, telephone calls, greeting cards and gifts of prayer shawls, which are provided by our Loopy Ladies. Each member of the committee is grateful for the opportunity to serve the members of St. Stephen’s, and each is happy to welcome new people to this ministry.